Welcome to Arizona Partnership K9 Academy.

We specialize in training great dogs! If you are having trouble with aggression or fear, we will help. We have been serving in the valley for 15 years and work with many rescues.

Here is a look at our qualified training team:

Michael Higgins

My passion for dogs began when I was just five years old watching Lassie on TV. Like every boy, I wanted a perfectly trained dog and I finally got my first real dog at the age of ten. He was the cutest puppy you’d ever see, but by the time he was nine months old, he had become an escape artist and eaten almost everything in the house. He had behavioral problems I never knew existed, resulting in my mother giving him away. It seemed like the saddest moment of my life at the time, but in hindsight, it’s likely what sparked my way of life today. I didn’t get another dog until an amazing Doberman entered my life when I was 26 years old. That’s when I began learning what behavior and training really meant. I did my best with my limited knowledge and advice I received from people sharing their dog behavior and training experiences with me. In 2008, I found Dog Rescue and through Dog Rescue, I came across Arizona Partnership K9 Academy. That’s when I started learning true benevolent leadership and control in my household. I learned how Alpha based training was based on pack leadership and evolution. It ignited my passion for behavior modification and training to save rescue dogs. I began an apprenticeship in 2013 and became fully certified in 2015. To say I love working with and saving dogs would be an understatement – it has truly become my life’s work.



Debby Weed

Debby Weed has spent more than 20 years working with dogs through basic training, rehabilitation and behavior modification. Committed to providing the most effective solutions to her clients’ training needs, Debby pursues ongoing education and professional development which includes keeping current on all industry literature. The Client is always top priority and each training program is tailored to the individual Client, home and dog(s). Debby works with all breeds and ages at multiple levels of training from basic to behavior modification and problem solving using gained knowledge from every Client and dog she has had the pleasure to work with. References available upon request.